Businesses and individuals increasingly seek legal support in solving these problems, since they have been facing increasing difficulties both with debt recovery and  defaulting debtors. CNT provides in court and out of court services, following the process from the declaratory phase to the enforcement phase, in other words, from a preventive stage to the course of the judicial process.

With the aim of offering a distinctive and personal service, our lawyers try to reach an agreement with debtors, before turning to a litigation solution, establishing payment deadlines and looking for alternatives while identifying real or personal guarantees from the debtors in order to safeguard the negotiation or renegotiation of our customers’ loans. On the other hand, they also offer the possibility of preparing an analysis of the financial situation and an evaluation of feasible solutions.

Simultaneously, CNT also operates in the various dimensions of an insolvency proceedings case, including from the  creditors’ perspective, the defense of their credit rights and the full exercise of the rights under the law.