The Litigation practice area  covers the resolution of private and business disputes and is distributed through the  various legal areas: civil, commercial, corporate, criminal and administrative offenses, family and inheritance.

The organization of this subject in areas of  expertise enable us to provide fast and adequate answers to all the queries put to us by our customers, regardless of the specificity and complexity of the matter and ensure a permanent and specialized monitoring of a large number of cases.

We can highlight some of the most common disputes relating to construction, lease, operation, franchise, debt recovery, divorce, parental responsibilities, civil liability, consumer and general contract terms, corporate disputes, offenses in the various economic areas, criminal proceedings, namely against people, property, tax, etc.

We can intervene at any stage of the process, be it extra judicial or judicial and we follow the process to its final resolution, in the first instance and / or appeal.

We also operate in the area of arbitration procedures with a view to obtaining a  quick and fair resolution of the dispute in the following areas: public procurement and urban planning.