• Mediterranean climate and its exceptional brightness (300 sunny days per year)
  • Always near the ocean
  • Biological and ecological diversity (surprisingly varied landscapes considering the size of the country)
  • Important historical heritage. Thirteen of the sites on UNESCO’s World Heritage List are in Portugal. Lisbon, was considered the second best European destination in 2015


Real Estate in Portugal

  • A property equivalent to a property located in southern France, but at Portuguese prices. Luxury real estate programs at very competitive prices
  • A property equivalent to a house in Spain which, besides the quality of landscapes and of the Portuguese coast, has the building density controlled by the State (which prevented uncontrolled construction and safeguarded the quality of the environment around the properties)
  • Recognized construction quality;
  • Excellent opportunities due to lack of market liquidity
  • Low risk of asset devaluation at medium and long term, because Portugal has not suffered from a financial bubble
  • Legislation which protects buyers and regulates the market.
  • Portugal is not only a country to invest, but also to live in.

If the investment is to buy a property, the acquisition of property in Portugal may seem very simple, because it is a procedure that can be completed in a short time. Very different from the procedure in France, for example. Therefore we advise our customers to be well informed, because, otherwise, their projects can end in financial disasters.


  • A stable country with one of the lowest crime rates in Europe
  • Welcomes people who speak English and French fluently
  • Stable political system at short, medium and long term
  • One of the EU countries with lower cost of living, allowing for a comfortable standard of  living.
  • Health system and European currency
  • No significant financial risk (exchange rate, inflation, interest rates controlled by the European Central Bank)
  • Streamlined procedures and full transparency in the purchasing process  for foreign buyers
  • Advantageous tax system: no tax on inheritances and donations for residents in Portugal, special exemption or reduced rate of income tax for non-habitual residents
  • An investment which is still today considered the best and safe by many French and British residents
  • Interesting real estate opportunities to enjoy
  • Highly attractive holiday tourist destination and hence  an active second residence rental and sale market
  • Excellent tourist investment, potential waterfront and capital. All these assets contribute to a very pleasant quality of life when choosing  Portugal for permanent residence or vacation


  • Good accessibility to countries in the European Union (daily flights from major airports at competitive prices)
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure (very good road connections)