Cátia Neves Tavares

CNT specializes in several areas, including real estate law, commercial law and taxation with the purpose of helping its customers with all expatriation procedures. Our law firm works with a group of professionals (economists, lawyers, architects, engineers, managers) with extensive experience in this field.

Our main goal is to inform you of some important aspects related to real estate investment and to the non-habitual resident regime in order to minimize risks with real estate transactions and expatriation

Cátia Neves Tavares, lawyer with over ten years of experience, is in the notoriety list of French-speaking lawyers of the French Embassy in Portugal.  Having also gone through an expatriation almost twenty years ago and being aware of the risks and concerns of its customers, she ensures,  together with her team, the protection of her clients’ interests in any type of investment, both in terms of advice, and with all administrative procedures.

Present in the north, center and south of the country, the CNT office offers advice throughout the process of acquisition/leasing of real estate or other investments in Portugal.


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