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Fields in Intervention


We support foreign investors in obtaining Portuguese nationality, non-habitual resident status (NHR), D2 and D7 visas, and the Golden Visa.


Fields in Intervention

Portugal offers very favorable fiscal and legal conditions for immigration and foreign investment, in particular, due to Portuguese incentive programs — such as the non-habitual resident status (NHR), the D2 visa, D7 visa, or the Golden Visa.

In the immigration process, the team at CNT Avocats has extensive experience in supporting foreign investors, workers, or students who wish to emigrate to Portugal — under any residence permits for work purposes (as an investor or retiree). We provide advisory services on Residence Permits for Investment Activities (ARI) applications under Portugal's Golden Visa investment program. We also provide legal advice regarding the Non-Habitual Resident Tax Regime (NHR) — a special tax regime suitable for foreigners who wish to live in Portugal. Our team ensures the assistance and face-to-face follow-up of clients with the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) for the organization, reviewing and submitting residence permit applications.

Our areas of specialization in Immigration Law are:

  • Gold Visas (Golden Visa), with a particular focus on real estate investment funds;
  • D7 Visa and Residence Permits: unique processes for retirees and people who intend to live in Portugal with their income;
  • D2 Visa and Residence Permits: processes for independent workers or by setting up companies;
  • Non Habitual Resident Fiscal Regime (NHR);
  • Applications for Portuguese Nationality.

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